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Pastor of Vision and Leadership

I began my adventure with God at a summer program at my church when I was 5-years-old. My life changed pretty drastically when I entered high school and chose to see what life was like ignoring God. Through a series of events, God interceded, and began to breakdown the stubborn walls that I had built preventing me from having a close relationship with him. This was a dramatic turning point in my life, and I began the process of surrendering my life to him.


After graduating, I began to pursue my dream of becoming a history professor at Arizona State University. I started volunteering at my church in the high school ministry to help kids stay connected to God and not make the same bad decisions I did.  In my second year at ASU, the Holy Spirit stepped in with another challenge. It was clear as day: God wanted me to change directions and pursue being a pastor! So that's what I did. I took an internship at my church in the high school ministry, and within the next year I began to help with a church plant in Chandler, Arizona.


Before long, God changed my direction again! He made it clear that he wanted me to further my education to become a more effective pastor. I moved to Colorado to attend Denver Seminary and work on my master's degree in Youth and Family Ministry. 


"Life is an adventure," became one of my mottos. I believe that God desires us to realize the adventure he is placing before us. But like any good adventure, there are amazing highs, lows, uncertainty, tragedy and redemption. 


While working on my master's, I met the woman who would become my wife, Sara. God has used her to radically change my life! She has not only shown me how to love others with the heart of Christ, but also how to give, show and live in forgiveness. God added to our adventure with our daughter now 16-year-old daughter, Bella! He has used the process of parenting and learning how to love a daughter — well, to soften my heart to be like his. I am so blessed to be a dad.


After fourteen years of ministry, God called us to yet another phase of our adventure: to leave our comfort zone and start the process of planting Two Rivers Church. It has been nothing short of a great adventure. What has God done? Everything I needed. I have grown deeper in my intimacy with God – through suffering, loss, joy, pain, fun, excitement and surrender. 



Pastor / Elder

I always liked the spotlight, but I also realized my ego has no place in ministry. This never presented an issue to me because I never expected God to call me to take an active ministry position. Instead, I expected to support ministry behind the scenes so people would only see God's work in the Church. My ego would not be relevant.

In 2015, God changed something in my heart. I saw a ministry role that needed to be filled, and after a lot of prayer, I talked to my wife about becoming an elder at Two Rivers. Together, we prayed about this for a few weeks, and then we spoke to Spud. The need remained, so I started my training as a preaching elder.

A few months before I completed my training and received my ordination, I realized God was calling me to take a bigger step forward than simply volunteering a few days each month to teach. After a lot more prayer, studying Scripture, and talking with my wife and church leadership, I made the decision to pursue full time ministry.


I quit my job, went back to school to earn a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University. Now, along with my responsibilities as a preaching elder with Two Rivers, I'm reaching out to the local tabletop gaming community to help them find a home within the Church.

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